Title: Pasaje Artístico La Mariposa
Authors: Angulo-Acosta, María Alejandra
Director(s): Benavides-Zárate, Camilo Esteban, dir.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Angulo-Acosta, M. A. (2016). Pasaje Artístico La Mariposa. Trabajo de Grado. Universidad Católica de Colombia. Facultad de Diseño. Programa de Arquitectura. Bogotá, Colombia.
Abstract: El presente documento busca contribuir a la disminución de problemáticas del sector de san Victorino, como lo son la inseguridad y los vendedores ambulantes, donde se planteará un CAI móvil que será situado en la plaza de la mariposa y se generaran locales para comerciantes del sector, dando prioridad a aquellos artistas urbanos que se ganan la vida en las calles con el fin de tener un lugar propicio y seguro que les permita vender su mercancía artística. El proyecto busca implementar materiales de bajo impacto, que logren reducir considerablemente el consumo energético, contribuyendo en alguna medida al cambio climático por el que actualmente pasa la humanidad. El Pasaje Artístico- La Mariposa, pretende proyectar un espacio diseñado con el objetivo de promover el comercio, actividades sociales y culturales enfocadas al arte y con la intención de permitir la comunicación de un portal comercial con la plaza Antonio Nariño más conocida como Plaza San Victorino, que contribuya a revitalizar San Victorino y a posicionarse como un hito en la ciudad.
This document seeks to contribute to the reduction of St. Victorino problems of industry, such as insecurity and hawkers, where a mobile CAI will arise which will be located in the Butterfly Square and generate local merchant sector, giving priority to urban artists who make their living on the streets in order to have a suitable and safe place that allows them to sell their artistic merchandise. The project seeks to implement low-impact materials that are able to reduce energy consumption considerably, contributing to some extent to climate change that currently passes mankind. Passage Artistic- La Mariposa, aims to project a space designed with the objective of promoting trade, social and cultural activities focused on art and intended to allow communication with a commercial website Antonio Nariño square known as Plaza San Victorino, contributing to San Victorino revitalize and position itself as a landmark in the city. METHODOLOGY: It is clear that at present, the sector of San Victorino drowns in different socio-cultural problems, so you want to create a space where the main use of (commercial) sector is maintained, but this time focused a theme that has been overlooked and that is very rich in the sector, the art; interventions within the district has raised for the sector have tried to include spaces where art develops, such as the heads of tall buildings that are now possible to admire because they are works of art are walls that beautify the city and have given a space to those "Street" artists who with their talent are giving another image to the center city, but ultimately a space dedicated to art is needed where You can learn, know, appreciate and sell art. General question: What impact can generate in the sector, insert a project with formal characteristics, volumetric, spatial and use different from the sector? How to contribute assertively to order declining public and hawkers in the square butterfly? Urban design: Does the public space that offers me the city power and social relations a safe space? How to establish public-private relationships that promote a sense of appropriation for space and urban elements? Architectural design: How to design a project to resume the character of a commercial passage but that is innovative and artistic? Building design: What new technologies and construction systems are more efficient in time, cost and durability, to implement a gentle architectural ensemble with their environment? How to design a sustainable project?
Description: Trabajo de grado
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10983/7630
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